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Ninja Saga TP Mission: Weird Potion

I made this especially for Ninja Saga. You might wonder, what is the point of this when you can just SS the hand seals and refer to the image when solving the sequence of the hand seals? Well this is actually convenient. You can alt-tab while waiting for the 20-sec displaying time of the seals (in the daily TP mission Weird Potion) then return to it later without bothering with the screen shot. 

Hand Seals:

- Bird

- Boar

- Dog

- Dragon

- Hare

- Ox

 - Ram

 - Rat

 - Snake

- Tiger

I didn't use images of hand seals for the list below for the reason that reading the seals' names is better than looking at the pics and remembering the order.
Starfire Explosion - Hare Tiger Boar Dragon Bird Snake Ox Dog Ram Rat
Lightning Ball Burst - Rat Ram Dragon Hare Boar Bird Ox Dog Snake Tiger

Lv. 1-2:
Dual Twister - Rat Ox
Earth Fist - Bird Rat
Earth Smash - Hare Bird
Earth Wall - Rat Ram
Earth Strangle - Dragon Boar
Fiery Flame - Boar Bird
Fiery Spike Wheel - Rat Dog
Fire Explosion - Tiger Hare
Lightning Edge - Snake Hare
Lightning Spark - Dog Tiger
Lightning Strike - Dog Ram
Refresh - Tiger Ram
Twister - Bird Snake
Water Ball - Ram Tiger
Water Burst - Dog Bird
Water Shark Missile - Snake Boar
Wind Cannon - Ox Ram
Water Prison - Boar Dog
Whirlwind Spin - Hare Snake

Lv. 3:
Dual Lightning Strike - Bird Tiger Ox Boar
Earth Blast - Ram Hare Snake Dragon
Earth Erosion - Tiger Dog Ram Hare
Earth Spike - Bird Boar Ox Dragon
Explosive Giant Kunai - Ram Hare Tiger Rat
Earth Spike - Bird Boar Ox Dragon
Fiery Bird Missile - Dog Boar Rat Dragon
Fiery Bird Strike - Tiger Bird Snake Hare
Fire Vortex - Dragon Tiger Ox Rat
Lightning Golem - Boar Bird Rat Ram
Lightning Scatter - Tiger Ram Snake Dog
Lightning Storm - Rat Ram Bird Snake
Mud Golem - Boar Dragon Rat Bird
Water Dragon Vortex - Dog Tiger Hare Ox
Wind Assault - Bird Boar Ox Tiger
Wind Gust - Dragon Rat Ram Hare
Water Impale - Ox Hare Dog Dragon
Wind Rush - Ram Bird Tiger Boar
Water Jet Cannon - Snake Boar Tiger Bird
Water Shark Missile - Hare Boar Snake Ox

Lv. 4:
Dagger of Wind - Bird Boar Hare Tiger Ox Dragon
Double Earth Smash - Bird Dog Tiger Snake Ram Dragon
Double Fire Arrows - Dog Tiger Ram Boar Rat Ox
Double Fireball - Rat Dog Boar Snake Ram Dragon
Double Water Burst - Boar Ram Hare Dragon Tiger Bird
Dual Wind Assault - Ox Dog Boar Rat Ram Dragon
Fire Whirl - Snake Tiger Hare Ox Ram Bird
Earth Erosion - Tiger Dog Ram Hare
Earthen Fist - Rat Hare Boar Bird Snake Ox
Earth Spine - Ram Bird Dragon Rat Tiger Snake Boar Dog
Empowered Lightning Edge - Ox Snake Hare Rat Tiger Bird
Earth Boulder - Ox Ram Hare Dog Tiger Bird
Earth Rock Boulder - Ram Dragon Boar Snake Rat Dog
Lightning Arrow Strike - Dog Rat Hare Snake Ram Dragon
Lightning Rays - Tiger Boar Dog Bird Ram Rat
Lightning Shock - Boar Ram Dragon Dog Ox Snake
Pillar of Flame - Snake Dog Hare Rat Tiger Bird
Twin Shark Missile - Bird Dragon Boar Snake Hare Rat
Water Shark Burst - Dog Hare Ox Boar Tiger Bird
Water Spear - Dragon Rat Bird Ox Boar Dog
Wind Storm - Rat Snake Boar Ox Dog Hare

Lv. 5:
Dual Lightning Spear - Dragon Tiger Rat Snake Ram Bird Boar Dog
Dual Water Edge - Tiger Hare Dog Snake Dragon Ram Ox Rat
Dual Water Sphere - Dog Boar Rat Dragon Tiger Ram Snake Bird
Earth Fist Combo - Dog Rat Boar Ox Bird Snake Ram Dragon
Earth Spines - Ram Bird Dragon Rat Tiger Snake Boar Dog
Earthen Strike Fist - Snake Bird Boar Tiger Dog Ram Ox Dragon
Flash Wind Chop - Bird Dog Rat Snake Ram Dragon Boar Tiger
Fire Fist Explosion - Dragon Tiger Ox Dog Ram Rat Bird Boar
Lightning Spear - Ox Tiger Snake Bird Boar Dog Ram Dragon
Lightning Hammer - Ox Bird Snake Dog Dragon Boar Rat Ram
Multi Fireball - Tiger Rat Dragon Snake Dog Ram Ox Hare
Piercing Fire Dance - Tiger Snake Dog Ram Rat Ox Dragon Hare
Raising Fire Fist - Dog Rat Ram Bird Dragon Tiger Ox Boar
Rock Dumplings - Dog Boar Ox Bird Snake Rat Ram Dragon
Scatter Storm -  Ox Dog Dragon Boar Bird Snake Rat Ram
Wind Cutter - Boar Hare Bird Dragon Ox Snake Rat Ram
Wind Edge Chop - Boar Bird Ox Snake Rat Ram Dragon Tiger 
Wind Piercing Strike - Ram Dragon Boar Bird Dog Rat Snake Ox
Water Sphere - Dog Boar Rat Dragon Tiger Ram Snake Bird
Water Swallow - Hare Dog Dragon Ram Ox Tiger Snake Rat


  1. what an imba IQ you got there..I think im doing taijutsu..I got no skills on ninjutsu..I don't even know how to weave hand seals..crapp..


  2. Galing.. Proud to be pinoy!

  3. very very good job..... you are the master of hack....

  4. fire ball and lightning impulse?? where is it?

  5. it's not complete or what, something missing

    fire ball : Boar Dragon
    lightning impulse? I don't know.............

  6. Raising fire fist is WRONG. It's Dog Ram Rat... Not Dog Rat Ram

    1. nasaan po yung wind vortex

    2. bird ram boar snake

  7. wow, thanks for the help. But you know, you can list this stuff down while it's being presented during the mission if you memorize the hand seals..it's the same hand seals as in Naruto...XD

  8. U forgot fireball jutsu in the lvl 1 the hand signs are boar and dragon

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